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The creative power that goes far beyond templates. Arts for social media, links to bio, ebooks, presentations and more.

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Create professional designs with unlimited access to high-quality content and tools.

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Make your images stand out in just a few seconds. Remove background from images with just one click.

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Create unlimited bio links or mini-sites to share wherever and however you want.

Premium Sources

Exclusive fonts for you to customize your art.

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Upload your favorite fonts in the editor.

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We connect everyone to design in just a few clicks. From the first idea to the final result, create with Trakto.


elements panel

Give free rein to your creativity and transform your designs with our super elements panel.


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Access thousands of images directly in our online editor to enhance your creation.


Thousands of templates

We have an amazing team of designers who are always creating awesome new templates for you to use.


store in the cloud

We have up to 100GB of storage available for you to store created and saved templates.


uploading images

Needing to use an image of your own or that is saved on your device? Don't worry, here you can.


Uploading fonts

Is your brand font not on the list? Don't worry, just upload it to our editor. It's easy, practical and fast.


filters and effects

Want to style your art more? We have a huge list of filters and effects to make your art more professional.


masks and shapes

Customize your design with our masks and shapes and make your art look very professional.


background removal

Make your images stand out in just a few seconds. Remove background from images with just one click.


Baixe PNG, PDF e MP4

We have the ideal format for your art. High quality images, documents, videos and more.


presentation mode

Prepare and present your ideas with Trakto and have the audience engaged with you from start to finish.


color palettes

Create a color palette with Bella or use our suggestions to match your brand identity.


Get access to thousands of ready-made templates.

Get started using our professional templates, images and quality content. Bring your ideas to life and stand out with amazing art.


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Get started with Trakto

Create it all with Trakto… social media arts, bio links, ebooks, presentations and more…

Common questions

We have separated the most frequently asked questions here for you, if you have any doubts, contact our support.

Trakto is a 100% online graphic editor that makes it possible to produce artwork for digital platforms and for printing, in an easy way, with few clicks and without the need for technical knowledge.

Trakto is the perfect platform for small businesses, self-employed professionals and freelancers looking to save time and money while having the autonomy to create their own marketing materials.

An image editor, also known as a photo editor or graphic editor, is software created to create, modify, and enhance images. These computer programs, in principle, were developed for the use of specialists, professional photographers, who needed to improve and modify details of the photos they took.


With the advent of the internet, however, these editors became popular, especially on social networks. Currently, there are several image editors that can be used on computers and cell phones, making it easy to use for all audiences.


One of the best image editors on the market is from Trakto, as it allows users to create and edit their artwork quickly and easily!

With Trakto you are able to produce digital and printed materials as you see fit for you or your business:

  • Arts for social networks such as: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, TikTok and LinkedIn;
  • CVs;
  • portfolios;
  • Business proposals;
  • Ebooks;
  • presentations;
  • Covers for videos on YouTube and social networks;
  • Mini sites;
  • Link to Instagram bio;
  • Menus;
  • Slides for classes, lectures, webinars and more.

You must be wondering, theIs it worth it?The answer is yes, as it can be useful in many ways, to create commercial proposals, presentations, contracts, ebooks, mini-sites, arts for social networks such as Instagram, Facebook cover and YouTube video.

Trakto's editor offers the possibility to insert a wide variety of visual elements such as titles, texts, videos and images with a few clicks.

With your project ready, you can create a presentation with just one click, download it in different formats or share your project on social networks, which will always be available online at Trakto.

Currently, there are several image editors that allow users to modify images and videos. Many of them, however, work offline or need to be downloaded and installed on your computers and cell phones. If you are looking for a 100% online and free image editor, Trakto is what you need!


To edit images online for free, simply access the Trakto editor from the “Start now” button on this page:


  • Step 1: Log in to this link . If you do not have a registration, you can register in a few seconds using your email, Google or Facebook account;

  • Step 2: Choose a format and start from a ready-made template or a blank design to start editing an image. Trakto offers thousands of templates for you to produce professional quality content;

  • Step 3: Click on your chosen template and then start customizing your project, adding images, videos, graphics and anything else you want!

With Trakto you can create artwork, edit images and photographs, assemble videos, presentations and much more. It's fast, easy and you don't need any technical knowledge to get started.click hereto start using Trakto for free.

Trakto Links is a tool that allows you to create mini sites very simply and quickly. You just need to choose one of the many templates available, edit it with your information, choose a custom URL and the link is created and you can start promoting it wherever you want.

In addition to the ease of creation, you can add images, YouTube videos, animated elements and bring external links within the mini site, such as a link to WhatsApp, for example. Everything is done on the Trakto server, which eliminates hosting costs.

Trakto Links are ideal for linking in Instagram Bio, catalogs and digital menus. In addition, it is possible to automatically create QR-CODE that can be made available in digital and physical form.

Templates are art templates developed by design professionals so you can just customize for your context. In the templates you can add or change photos, icons, shapes, edit texts and colors. This way you save a lot of time as you don't have to start from scratch in your creation.

Yea! With Trakto you generate your extra income by referring to your networks and earning a commission for each subscription made. You register without commitment, and if approved, you will receive your special Trakto affiliate code.click hereand request your enrollment in the Trakto Affiliate program.