Ready-made arts to edit and take off your sales

And your iFood Restaurant also has an exclusive 50% discount on Trakto Premium Plans to save you a lot of time and money.

What is Trakto?

Trakto is an easy-to-use online Design Platform that allows restaurants to create professional materials for their business with the resources and tools of a Professional Designer. With our editor, you can easily customize and create various types of designs for your restaurant.

Plano Premium

R$ 25

R$ 12,50

Plano Premium

R$ 199

R$ 99,50

With Trakto Premium you have unlimited access to promote your restaurant:

Create a custom link for your restaurant. 🎉

Create mini sites in a few clicks and share anywhere

And there's more ... Have you thought about having educational, marketing content, exclusive to the bars and restaurants sector?

Through the Partnership between iFood and Trakto, in addition to this super discount you will also have access to various materials to help you take off once and for all the Marketing of your restaurant.

Ask your questions

We are very happy that you got here! To help you get started, we have prepared a series of materials that include this FAQ, videos and user manuals to explain everything that Trakto and iFood are offering for you.

Easy-to-use online design platform that allows restaurants to create professional materials for their business with the resources and tools of a professional designer. In addition, our latest launch, Trakto Links, allows users to create very quickly mini sites for your brand, which will greatly facilitate your performance within the E-commerce universe.

With our editor, you can easily customize and create various types of designs for your restaurants. Posts for social networks, materials for your store in Ifood, menus and even billboards, you can choose any template and customize it with your restaurant information.

Templates are the arts in an editable format that are available in the “New Design” section. In the templates you can add or exchange photos, icons, shapes, edit text and colors.

Trakto Links is the tool that allows restaurants to create a mini site for their business and this happens in a very simple and fast way. You just need to choose one of the several templates available, edit with your restaurant's information, choose your domain and ready the link is created and you can start promoting it wherever you want.

In addition to the ease of creation, restaurants are able to add images, YouTube videos, animated elements and bring external links within the mini site, such as your Instagram link for example. Everything is done on the Trakto server, which eliminates hosting costs.

The functionality has a direct connection with WhatsApp and its links are ideal for use as a link in the Instagram Bio, however nothing prevents you from divulging this short link, wherever you want. In addition, it is possible to create QR-CODE automatically that can be made available in digital and physical form (on the menu of your restaurant for example).

In partnership with iFood, Trakto offers a series of contents, which were developed by Trakto's Marketing team and which aims to remedy one of the biggest pains of restaurants, which is the lack of knowledge in Digital Marketing. We are aware that today all companies, especially those in the food industry, need to create a digital presence and communicate assertively with their customers, this process requires a series of knowledge that most small and medium entrepreneurs do not master well.

With a focus on the restaurant sector we will address the main points regarding Design, Communication Strategies, Positioning, Business and Online Sale.

All iFood partner restaurants will receive a 50% discount on the platform subscription, which will increase from R $ 25.00 / monthly to R $ 12.50 / monthly or R $ 199.00 in the annual model to R $ 99, 50. Exclusive content for bars and restaurants is a courtesy to iFood partners only.

The restaurant may cancel your subscription at any time and this will not result in fines. If the restaurant cancels on the monthly plan, it pays nothing more and uses the rest of the time it has in the month. In the annual plan, there is no refund and the restaurant has access to the platform for the rest of the year.

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