Engage your customers
through design.

Trakto Enterprise is a whitelabel design platform built for companies, software and agencies.

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How we can help your business to grow

Here are some key benefits you will get with Trakto



Share your marketing material with associates/staff and/or customers easily.



Make sure that all of your company's marketing materials display your brand correctly.


Value generation

Allow your platform users to have an even better experience and retain your customers.


business creation

Create a new business model, resell our product and earn money with our whitelabel dashboard.


Customized solution for your business.

Take control of your brand, empower your business and engage users with your whitelabel version. Create value for your brand, standardize the graphic material and offer online editing in a simple way.

Bella, our design and content assistant.

Bella is our artificial intelligence designed to help you create content, artwork, color palette, logo, and more, in just a few clicks.

Application that creates designs alone, just ask Bella to do it for you.

Just explain to Bella what you need, and she'll be ready to help, creating designs especially for your user.

Custom arts with our bot for WhatsApp

Empower your audience with our bot. A chat available at all times to create incredible and personalized templates with your branding for sharing and promotion in chat apps and social networks. Our artificial intelligence will also generate captions and hashtags for sharing.


Access platform usage data and manage your users.

We provide your network usage data with the platform that is most interesting for your business.

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Here are some key benefits you will get with Trakto

A tool with all the features your business needs

Create it all with Trakto… social media arts, bio links, ebooks, presentations and more…


elements panel

Give free rein to your creativity and transform your designs with our super elements panel.


Image Bank

Access thousands of images directly in our online editor to enhance your creation.


Thousands of templates

We have an amazing team of designers who are always creating awesome new templates for you to use.


store in the cloud

We have up to 100GB of storage available for you to store created and saved templates.


uploading images

Needing to use an image of your own or that is saved on your device? Don't worry, here you can.


Uploading fonts

Is your brand font not on the list? Don't worry, just upload it to our editor. It's easy, practical and fast.


filters and effects

Want to style your art more? We have a huge list of filters and effects to make your art more professional.


masks and shapes

Customize your design with our masks and shapes and make your art look very professional.


background removal

Make your images stand out in just a few seconds. Remove background from images with just one click.


Baixe PNG, PDF e MP4

We have the ideal format for your art. High quality images, documents, videos and more.


presentation mode

Prepare and present your ideas with Trakto and have the audience engaged with you from start to finish.


color palettes

Create a color palette with Bella or use our suggestions to match your brand identity.


We separate the step-by-step guide on how you can easily start creating with us.


We separate the step-by-step of how you can
start creating easily with us.

Engage your customers
through design.

Trakto Enterprise is a whitelabel design platform built for companies, software and agencies.