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The creative power that goes far beyond templates. Arts for social media, links to bio, ebooks, presentations and more.

Create designs quickly

Create it all with Trakto… social media arts, bio links, ebooks, presentations and more…


easy as magic

Create everything with Trakto, extremely easily and quickly. We have the most convenient online editor on the internet.


on any device

Use directly in the browser of your notebook, cell phone or tablet. With Trakto you don't need to install anything!


Thousands of templates

No design idea? Here we have thousands of templates made by our designers for you to choose from.


Support 24/7

Tired of having to translate everything to clear your doubts? Have a 100% Brazilian support ready for you.

A simple and very powerful editor.

Easily create your designs in a simple and practical way with our extremely powerful editor, where you can start from scratch or with our ready-made templates made by professional designers.

Unlimited creativity on any device.

Have the freedom to create on any device. Use it directly in your laptop's browser, or download the app on your cell phone or tablet.

Get access to thousands of ready-made templates.

Get started using our professional templates, images and quality content. Bring your ideas to life and stand out with amazing art.

Magic picture background remover with just 1 click.

Need to remove backgrounds from your images? With us you remove with just 1 touch, in a 100% automated way. Try our background remover and see the magic happen.

Create beautiful mini-sites with Trakto Links.

In need of a website to promote your services on the bio link? Or a menu for your restaurant? With Trakto Links you can do this easily, quickly and automatically.

Bella, our design and content assistant.

Bella is our official mascot. Artificial intelligence developed by Trakto that will help you create content, captions, designs and much more.

All the features you need

We connect everyone to design in just a few clicks. From the first idea to the final result, create with Trakto.


elements panel

Give free rein to your creativity and transform your designs with our super elements panel.


Image Bank

Access thousands of images directly in our online editor to enhance your creation.


Thousands of templates

We have an amazing team of designers who are always creating awesome new templates for you to use.


store in the cloud

We have up to 100GB of storage available for you to store created and saved templates.


uploading images

Needing to use an image of your own or that is saved on your device? Don't worry, here you can.


Uploading fonts

Is your brand font not on the list? Don't worry, just upload it to our editor. It's easy, practical and fast.


filters and effects

Want to style your art more? We have a huge list of filters and effects to make your art more professional.


masks and shapes

Customize your design with our masks and shapes and make your art look very professional.


background removal

Make your images stand out in just a few seconds. Remove background from images with just one click.


Baixe PNG, PDF e MP4

We have the ideal format for your art. High quality images, documents, videos and more.


presentation mode

Prepare and present your ideas with Trakto and have the audience engaged with you from start to finish.


color palettes

Create a color palette with Bella or use our suggestions to match your brand identity.

Create everything with Trakto

Get started with thousands of professional templates, images and quality content at your disposal.

Posts for social networks

All the formats you need to create posts for social networks.

Ações Presentations on SlideShare

Create, edit and share presentations to bring great ideas to life and stand out.


The ideal format for books, ideas or strategies, to speak to your audience.

Links e mini-sites

Create bio links or mini-sites to share your links wherever and however you want.


Be proud of your achievements and use our certificate templates.


Everything you need to create an ideal logo for your brand. Easy and fast.

Business proposals

Ideal commercial proposals for you to be a successful business case.


Promoting your products and services in print is very easy with Trakto.


Discover and use thousands of ready-made templates that our designers created especially for you.

Get started with Trakto

Creating just got a lot easier with Trakto. Choose the ideal plan and get started right away.

Get started with Trakto

Create it all with Trakto… social media arts, bio links, ebooks, presentations and more…


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Discover some of Trakto's solutions for education and business.

An editor to call your own. With all your company's visual identity, in addition to resources, content and user control.

Boost your educational content, create and customize marketing campaigns, lesson plans, infographics, posters, presentations and more with Trakto Edu.

The creative power that goes far beyond templates

Arts for social media, links to bio, ebooks, presentations and more…