Design by WhatsApp as easy as magic.

Design has evolved. You too.
Create various arts with Bella's WhatsApp.

Simple interactions.
Instant solutions.

Simplify your life with our chatbot. Upload an image and in a few seconds have it edited with an amazing template.



Intelligent communication in natural language



Fast and uncomplicated system integration



Scale your audience in just a few clicks and sell more.



We deliver the entire process ready to use.



No extra apps. Do everything by WhatsApp.


Meet Bella, our design and content artificial intelligence.

Bella is our official mascot. Artificial intelligence developed by Trakto that will help you create content, captions, designs, hashtags and much more.


Customized arts on WhatsApp simply and quickly.

Can you imagine sending an image via WhatsApp and receiving back your edited photo and in various formats, with your visual identity, frames and colors? Now it's possible with Bella's WhatsApp.

Advanced technology that will change design as you know it.

Design like magic includes powerful storytelling, innovative technology, and high-scale reach of people boosting your brand within seconds.


Advertise your large-scale event with Bella's WhatsApp. With just a few clicks, your audience will generate amazing arts with your branding to share however and wherever you want, strengthening the promotion of your event.

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Scale the production of arts for social networks with the colors of the party, saints, events, profile pictures, arts with the candidate's number, among others, and win over new and old voters with Bella's WhatsApp.

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Engage customers and win new ones with Bella's WhatsApp. Upload a photo and our artificial intelligence will automatically generate artwork for social media with restaurant colors, dish of the day, best sellers, contact and other designs of your choice.

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With Bella's WhatsApp you have simple interactions and instant solutions for tourism. Easy and accessible design for everyone, like profile pictures and social media arts with your city's visual identity.

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Our purpose is to facilitate and positively impact your life with design.

Empower your users with Bella WhatsApp. With just a few words and inspiring images, let's build a future with design for everyone together.