With Trakto you generate your extra income however you want

Refer Trakto to your networks and earn a commission for every subscription made.

What is Trakto?

Trakto is an online and easy-to-use Design Platform that allows you to create promotional materials with the resources and tools of a Professional Designer. The CEO of Trakto, Paulo Tenório, explains it better:

How does it work?



You register without obligation, and if approved, you will receive your special Trakto affiliate code.



Promote Trakto on your social networks, blog, friends, partners using your special Trakto affiliate code.



For each subscription made through your Trakto affiliate coupon you receive a commission.



The more subscriptions you convert, the more you earn. Unlimited!

How much do I earn?

Trakto offers two subscription plans



R$ 47

R$ 299

YOU CAN EARN: R$ 9,40*

YOU CAN EARN: R$ 44,85*

Each subscription made from your special affiliate coupon guarantees your commission. Use the calculator below to estimate how much you can earn with annual subscriptions.

*One-time payment regardless of renewal

*One-time payment regardless of renewal

Customized support

Trakto affiliates rely on personalized support and promotional materials to save time and increase sales.

Common questions

How does the Trakto Affiliate Program work?

You share Trakto benefits and plans with your audience by always using the link to your Trakto affiliate code and earn a commission on eligible subscriptions on the first payment.

How can I qualify for this program?

Participation is open to influencers, bloggers, editors and content creators who have a website, social network or website/blog qualified by the Trakto team.

How do I earn with the program?

You earn on qualifying subscriptions through your special affiliate coupon. Commissions for qualifying subscriptions vary according to the Annual Plan contracted through your referral, which can be Premium or Starter.

How can I apply for the program?

You fill in the request form available on the button on this page and you will receive more information by email. We will review your application and approve it if the eligibility criteria are met.

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